Doodle-y Doo

By artkitfactory


According to a study by Professor Jackie Andrade, doodling can help a person listen and remember better by activating the default mode network in the brain and keeping it occupied enough to stay focused and “in the moment.” The study's doodlers remembered 29% more than the non-doodlers!

Doodling is something that anyone can do. A doodle is different from a traditional drawing. The good of the doodle comes from doing it - it helps you to focus your thoughts on something that you are having trouble remembering or it can help you think differently to find a solution to a problem. The art you end up with is a bonus!

Filled with doodles and "how tos" for inspiration Art Kit Factory's exclusive "Doodley Doo" mini book is 16 pages of educational information for all ages. It includes:

• A Very Short History of Doodling
• The Science of Doodling
• But How Do I Start?
• Advanced Doodling
• Bibliography & Glossary

The Art Kit To Go canvas bag is sewn and printed in our Los Angeles studio. You have all the high quality tools you’ll need in this sturdy canvas bag to make your own art. Just grab the book and your tool of choice and start doodling!

In the Bag:
• 12 colored pencils
• 1 fine tip marker
• 1 graphite pencil
• an eraser
• 1 pencil sharpener
• 1 notebook
• Plus an Art Kit Factory exclusive mini book!

At Art Kit Factory we believe that art is for everyone. Visual art is a primal form of communication. Experiencing, and exploring the world with an art "tool kit" can change your perspective and opened your eyes to what is available, what is possible and what is magical!

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