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Powerful Flower Portraits

Georgia O'Keefe - Single Calla Lily (Red) - 1928

Art history is filled with a great variety of flower portraits. I’m always amazed at how powerfully expressive these seemingly gentle entities can become when translated by an artist. Georgia O’Keefe is most famous for her flower portraits specifically because they were so expressive, so powerful, so provocative and somehow still incredibly delicate. What is remarkable though is how her flower portrait work, and that of other even more prominent figures in art history like Van Gogh and Monet, are the most recognizable, and also have fetched some of the highest recorded prices for art at auction.

To honor the enduring popularity of these art works, we are starting our Flower Portrait Series. We will be exploring and discussing the art of the flower portrait and including a downloadable doodle art coloring page inspired by the work! Today's Downloadable is inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's Single Calla Lily (Red) painted in 1928. 

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Download the Calla Lily Doodle Art Page

Flower Portrait Doodle Art Coloring Page
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