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All You Need Is Love...

Inspired by the wise words of John Lennon and the Beatles, and in honor of Valentine's day, we decided to make some hand made Valentines in the Art Kit Factory Studio. It was way more fun that standing in the card aisle at the drugstore under the glare of florescent lights trying to pick the perfect one!

On a more science-y note... I've been doing some research into how art affects our brains recently. I've found some interesting stuff. Of course we know on some level that doing art and looking at art affects the brain because it makes us feel something. But how it affects the brain is pretty fascinating. In a study done with congenitally blind people, scientists discovered that they were able to activate the visual cortex of the study participants by teaching them to draw from memory using raised line tactile images - thus proving that making art actually makes your brain grow new connections! You can read more about it at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Even if you don't read the article, you can know that engaging in art creation is a great way to grow your brain. And making and giving Valentines will grow your heart too! Here's a quick visual step by step on my latest Valentine creation:

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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